relativity or the shoes for the feetless person

it is interesting, how relativity influences thinking.

one is supposed to think: compared to those [insert names here] i am not that bad off.

or usually – compared to those people, i am an eejit.

or – your problems are bigger/smaller than mine, therefore…

but this does not change anything. the amount of money is the same, and the pain is the same, and the problems i cannot solve do not suddenly cease to exist because i have heard about yours, and vice versa; and your joy does decrease because of my envy.

the world still is made up of absolutes. and relativistic thinking only blurs the vision, cancels the clarity of one’s path in life.

so, cancel the comparing. share what needs to be shared, show what has to be shown, talk of things and give them names. but do not enter the Möbius strip of comparisons.


they promised a storm today. i think i have missed it. how sad.


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