having and needing not

the whole need no healer. the satiated need no food. those who have a god, need no other gods. let’s stop here and think for a moment. how is your wholeness? are you still hungry? what god do you have? ========================= on a happier note – winter arrived explosively tonight, with a storm, blizzard, snow […]

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this city, all clad in gold, under the transparent blues of october. breathtaking, no less. and yet – while i was in my room, writing, someone picked every other maple leaf, and now the maple is semi-bare. and the time of appreciation has flown, like sand through my time. mind-blowing, how the time passes.

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the downside of the opposable thumb appears at the moment when a body has lost the index finger  of their right hand, and has got used to substituting the thumb for the index finger in most operations; then, upon an unlikely event of needing both the thumb and the index finger, the body suddenly realises that […]

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