the darkside

the darkside of being me is, well, dark. and as there is hardly any light, it is impossible to tell what’s going on there. and judging by the commotion, something is going on there. or maybe it is just the full moon thing.

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the camera thing

‘i write poetry when i have forgotten my camera,’ i said to her casually. ‘then i wish you to forget it more often,’ she replied with a hug. that’s that then.

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september 28

the little wings of a ladybird flash by my face, dissipating into the distance of speckled reds and greens and the smell of the leaves, falling. i regret forgetting my camera.

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a handheld from above

sometimes i switch off my handheld, turn off the radio and log off the internet. the world is outside my zone of communication. i am not in the world, the world stays out there, with its haste and traffic jams, with its information and the lack of it, with its people and events. i float […]

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