the cicada and god

the cicada does not care about the years down underground for those three months of play and an exit, and another world, creation and death – all in one. his song transcends his night and day, weather and sunshine alike, spicing up the moments before all will be covered in browns and reds, and cold […]

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done and done

so, as of today, i have changed my habitat. i will live in the congregation house of my church. all the things have been moved. the place looks a little crowded by the white sacks containing books, but i will sort that out in time, same as my personal belongings and materials for the crafts. […]

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i miss her. it’s been a year and a half roughly – and i still miss her. the little things, the casual talk on the phone, the cabbage recipe, the enjoying of bananas or fish soup. nothing great or important, just the little, everyday, unimportant things. the beautiful voice. the work-worn hands. the ‘life must go on’ […]

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flying with silences

i look to the night moth when the wind waits patiently in the susurrus of leaves to borrow the silence of wings that carries me back and onwards, into the sigh of memories, moments, remembrances, shared shards of a life and experience that are lost irreversibly. under the cover of midnight green i will put […]

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the sky thing

nothing can ever be compared to the late august sky. the blue, and the peach coloured fluffs of clouds. the air. the wind. if i ever got to make world, this is how it would feel. like late august.

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the laughing angels

the wonderful has announced that today is the day of the laughing angels. and i think, what would make the angels laugh. given that they are supposed not to be evil. obviously, not our stupidity, or mistakes, or pain, not the things we do to hurt each other, and then laugh. not the slapstick […]

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