this month will have changes in it. i am changing my habitat to the more urban Sarkandaugava. i am sorry for the birds, i’ll miss them, and i’m sure they’ll miss me i am not sorry for the people of the flat i rented the room in. let them [eat] drink and [make merry] fight, […]

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probably lol

the little academic me was waiting for the tram an academic thought entered my mind, i sat down on the bench at the tram stop to write it down. there had been quite a lot of rain. the bench was covered 3/4 inch in water. i guess, i sat down in a puddle. probably, it […]

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the music inside you becomes unbearably beautiful, and all you can do is harmonise with it in your soul, the spirit lifts all over, and beyond the knowledge, and the stories, and the experiences, and you are slightly more than the known universe, and the universe that is you, is slightly more than the sum […]

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i like pigs. they are tidy, intelligent, polite, quiet, and the smell is not that much if they get enough space to get clean and so on. it is impossible to understand drunken uneducated russians. just impossible.

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it is past midnight. a kid roller-skates on the concrete flag(stones) down under my window. the trees listen tot he syncopated, jagged noises, and keep on being green. some russians abuse some others, and there is a girl who shouts nonsense to too much drink. the common gulls laugh eerily in their nightmares. don’t some of […]

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the starlings have eaten the juneberries. all of them, all overnight. oh, my favourite berries, all gone. i guess i am somewhat upset.

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