burning photos

a flick, and another memory lights up, and is elevated in smoke; was it necessary, upon a second thought, was that moment a pearl beyond comparison? ordinary moments, strung on a fishing-wire, like so many glass beads, fun to behold, fun to make patterns, and so ethnic, no high art would ever confess being near; […]

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innovative clock face*

i sometimes wonder**. what is wrong with the old clock face, with those little arms pointing at digits, a simple design we grew up with? what is it one gains, by abolishing the old and simple things, and craving the ‘innovative’? the curious thing is, that the ‘innovative’ does not mean ‘easier to understand’ or […]

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through the sun and back again

in the rays of the pale sun under the white sky, a droplet of melting snow is a rainbow semaphore, signalling the brevity of time and time alone, to be remembered; a collection of shards of reminiscences inhabiting the world of now, and ever so astray; [it is] a vivacious reminder that all the white […]

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curiously, many people who think of creation of the artificial intelligence are usually afraid it will be evil is it because they have been looking in the mirror?

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the logic of love

(offtopic) chaffinch starts his song at 06:43 in the morning. ——————————————————————————– i chose Christ, not because i feared to die, but rather because He did not; i walk with Him not because of religion, but of companionship, call it love. i do not know who loved whom first – i in my finite predisposition, or He […]

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all through the night

when the moon dives for the horizon, i slowly infest my bed, sprawling in every direction, anchoring every little tendril, every tentacle firmly, so that i will not be budged, not again, on this tossing and turning sea of sleep. —————————- and i dream thus:  

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