how the darkside has no cookies, but is very powerful anyway

this is how one becomes a dark lord (alternatively to the usual hunger for power and selfishness):

  • there is a strong need to protect.
  • there is the inability to lose what one loves.
  • there is a sense of one’s own power.
  • there is a choice in favour of friendship over the system.
  • there is an inability to differentiate when the system is the foe, and when it is a friend.
  • there is someone one trusts, calling up one’s old fears and failures and making them relevant.
  • there is a multiple conflict of loyalties.
  • there is the need to protect those one loves.
  • the need to protect blinds the inner eye.
  • the fight with the system is taken out on one’s friends.
  • the battle is fought, and lost, and the dark side picks up the stub, and regrows the limbs, and reveals that all one loved is dead: and it’s one’s own doing;
  • the guilt leaves no escape.
  • the dark side has the day, on pure guilt alone.


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