tinkering round

one of those times one exclaims – see what they made me do. this clicking round still does not describe much: i am me. but the sensing/intuition bar was fun enough, i think.

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lunch tenses

in “A Scandal In Belgravia”, Irene Adler texts Sherlock Holmes with words: I am not dead. Let’s have lunch and i thought: how elegant. ans i also thought that food, just like verbs, has tenses. the past of lunch is vegetables and raw meat. the future of vegetables and raw meat is a meal. that kind […]

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most of the people hurry home because their husband/kids/parents/parrots/dogs/etc might be lonely, unfed of just miss them. i hurry home because my rose might get upset, or want a drink. how odd does that sound?

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the birds in my head

at some point wolfie said sth like – everyone has one’s own birds in their head. and i suddenly thought – gee, what a brilliant formulation. those idees fixe, bees in the bonnet, little tantalising grains of sand in the brainmachine… maybe they are just birds, mucking around and having fun inside our brainspace. and […]

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