smells as they brighten

Beyond the Pear Tree has this wonderful post of favourite smells. which inspired me to think of some, too. the order is inconsequential. masala incense meat frying freshly baked rye bread raw earth in autumn smoke of a campfire warm leather wind when thaw is about to set in coffee garlic sausage diesel fuel fresh […]

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still on the crab spree

the crab spree sorta goes on, but probably the oars of my little metaphoric boat are coming out of the water – or the crabs. consider this: a crocodile is longer than it is green. actually, come to think of it, i have never seen a green croc. they are sort of brownish-grey. but i […]

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a totally depressed post dealing with catching metaphoric crabs which cannot be drowned because of a headache

today, probably, i caught a crab. in the rowing sense. metaphorically speaking. the crab is quite big and, well, crabby. more of a crocodile, really. big, huge crabby croc. right under my metaphoric fragile boat. oh, cosmic forces of your choice, what a feeling. what a nauseatingly lonely, desperately sinking, overwhelmingly sad feeling this is. […]

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events this far

i have had a bout of stomach flu… exquisite torture of unslept nights, shaky knees and certain future. that was my friday, saturday and sunday achievement. monday morning dawned relatively uneventful, till that moment when i dropped a dictionary on my toe. that was the direct opposite of rofl. so i limped to work. after […]

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par ikriem un filtrēšanām

un tātad iksestdienas epasta kārtošanas ietvaros, pārskatot spam folderi, konstatēju kaudzi ar piedāvājumiem kristīgam draugam palīdzēt atbrīvot dažādu āfrikas valstu bankās iestrēgušus līdzekļus (nez kāpēc kristīgam, vai tiešām parastie jau ir beigušies?), dažus apgalvojumus par tēmu, ka man piešķirti ciknutur dolāri saviesīgām kazino aktivitātēm, vēl pāris neklasificējamus gļukus… un šo:

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summing up war. or just speaking of it

the multimedia opera “war sum up” in latvian national opera was a surprise. ok, it was a positive experience of quality modern music and multimedia environment. excellent voices. mostly decent minimalist music. perfect costumes and picture play, stage design and movements. reminded me of the noh theatre with costume design based on ‘9’ (an animation […]

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