autumn lists

specifically blue sky clouds who cannot decide whether to fly or rip up in thunder smells of chill in the air plums and a few stray pears birds flocking for migration gladiolus swords in the hands of the first grade kids potato digging desperate teachers a sort of transparent sadness stray leaves turning tail sunglasses […]

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tha diggaz

this night, battling the asthma, i did some thinking of what i have observed in poland and also here, in this city. and this came to my mind’s eye: tha diggaz.  they are exactly that – diggers. they have human shapes of various sizes and height, and are recognisable by the yellowish-green (sometimes up to […]

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ja gadās lieki gurķi un kāda paprika

kad marinēšana, skābēšana utt ir apnikusi, un gribas kaut ko garšīgu uzkodām, un palikuši ir tie lielie, brūnie gurķi ar cietajām mizām, var taisīt ievārījumu. 2 kg gurķi, nomizoti, sagriezti (vēlams kubiņos, bet var, kā sanāk) 0,5 kg smalki sagriezti sīpoli 1,5 kg smalki sagriezta paprika (vēlams kubiņos, bet var, kā sanāk) 150g sāls (5 […]

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totally un-academically

and then i suddenly realised that i have seen the place in my dreams. the czestochowa basilica. sometime i will try to write it up – for now let it be enough to remember i have seen it in my dreams. and what i think now is – i want to rest at the feet […]

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