so much for equality

so, here we have harry potter and the deathly hallows part two.

about twenty – twenty-five minutes into the film, the heroes fall into a lake (don’t ask me why). they get out and try to change into sth dry. they do it in a particular fashion: the boys take off the shirts and put on sth dry. hermione, however, takes off the dripping overcoat, and – all soaked as she is – wraps herself in a blanket. no inch of her uncovered body visible.

and then, for a change, we have stargate sg1, s7 e10 (birthright).

the manfolk are all dressed up nicely in mail shirts, fatiques and name the aromour. the womenfolk, except the earthlings, are dressed up mainly in scraps of leather and mailshirt, leaving loads of naked body exposed.

so much for equality of genders. on the screen.

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