text happens when humans try to make meaning. whatever the meaning is of, whoever the receiver or transmitter be. all meaning is constructed, all meaning has multiple segments; all meaning is biased, both culturally and personally. i think i will go back to rabbanus maurus from here. then continue with aquinas. then move on to […]

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thus, i have escaped, in great hurry, from the place i used to call home. the place is ok. there is nothing wrong with the place. the lake and forest and all things are, actually, quite nice. but the last four days clearly showed that place alone is not enough. not enough for one to […]

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piezīmes iz lauku dzīves

gulbenes benzīntankam ar godu jāsaka – pēc mana kritiena uz vietējā nelabotā bruģa jaunietis – pārdevējs izteica līdzjūtību un piedāvāja šņabi. a es tur gāju pirkt sērkociņus. tā nu tagad nokrāsoju zaļu nobrāzto ceļgalu, mērcēju šņabī sastiepto rokas locītavu un priecājos par to, ka bruģis nebija vēl caurumaināks, jo tad varēja arī kaut ko nejauši […]

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par kaijām runājot

lūk. beidzot enerģijas dzēriens pilnīgi trakajiem. dizains brīnišķīgs. garša… kā jau tādiem dzērieniem. par nožēlošanu jāsaka- ražots austrijā pēc lietuviešu pasūtījuma latvijas tirgum. vienīgais trūkums, vai ne? (man šo mašīnā rakstot, blakus stūrējošais zvērs paziņoja, ka pirmā pazīme, ka zaurs ir pamodies, esot, ka zaurs sāk blogot. lol.) Posted by Wordmobi

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so much for equality

so, here we have harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. about twenty – twenty-five minutes into the film, the heroes fall into a lake (don’t ask me why). they get out and try to change into sth dry. they do it in a particular fashion: the boys take off the shirts and put […]

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digger wasp nests

i was walking on some cobblestones, and there they were – a whole colony. bright sand  cones on the greyish stone. wonderful. i have always liked the digger wasps (genus Sphex) and their creative approach to procreation.

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the glass

outside the window the sky is patchy; treetops glitter green  on golden; and the starlings have come for a stop in transmigration. inside the window books are trapped within knowledge; instruments sharpened, a vivisection in progress: dead worlds cutting a living soul.

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it is quite interesting to observe mirrors. or people who have them. or reasons why people have them. some keep mirrors everywhere because they think that will make their rooms larger. some have mirrors because it is traditional. some like their reflections. some ward off evil. there are plenty of reasons for the frames with […]

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before entropy is victorious

we still can manage to look at those we value high, and tell them that we do. we still have the days, and hours, and minutes, to befriend those we care for. we are alive, and can live now – not tomorrow, not yesterday. the ever now is the kairos, is where the divine is. […]

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one more of those things. probably sb really likes this cat, regardless of its temper, behaviour, size and other features.

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it is the second half of july. of course, the juneberries are just in season. i have had my annual grazing in the bushes, competing  for the juicy pleasure with sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and starlings. luckily the human denizens of the city of riga revel in their ignorance about how wonderfully tasty the berries are. so – […]

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trying it out

well, here are some more not-so-perfect pictures. the day was fiercely sunny, and i am not yet very acquainted with my camera. so, have mercy.

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power games

this makes me angry. people who are unable to solve their own power games, manipulations and stupidity. i am not interested in who puts what flowers on my mother’s grave. or who removes the wilted flowers therefrom. i am not interested in family feuds. and, blast it, i am not interested in family manipulations. and […]

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digging helps. there are reasons for that, logical and other. i finally get to do something i have considered doing for a few years, but never had the time. i also get to restore something to what it was originally (even if it is just a lot of cobblestones). and also – it is quite […]

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hogfather – high definition (or why the sun will not rise)

terry pratchett  is, and will be, one of my all-time favourite authors who, possibly, can do no wrong in a literary creative sense. his books are precise, observant, real, witty, scathing, clever, unforgettable and extremely well formulated. films, of course, are not books. films are too visual. in addition, any film featuring anyterry pratchett work, will be […]

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a little bit of closeups

well. i like the seeing of the picture… i’m just too bad at photography. and i have some prejudices, like avoiding taking pictures of humans, and totally abhorring  pictures being  taken of my precious self. i think photos remove parts of my soul, and it hurts. and i think i have the right, same as any other tribesperson, […]

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