summer term. technology. fragrances.

the lindens are on blossom. the fragrance spells ‘summer’ in capslock all over the city.

the greater jasmine add their creamy lightness to the tinge of rose in the air.

this morning the tomtit brought his brood to my window.

i have signed the last of papers with student marks.

on the whole this academic year has been better than i expected. i have had the rare experience of being in the company of brilliant, supportive, smart, creative, caring and unique student personalities. thank you.

i’m not sure i did too well in the spring term. balancing between bronchitis, loss of voice, virus infections and nervous breakdowns tends to do that to a person. even if teachers are supposed to be above the mundanities, i could not.

and now i enter summer. with a reading list of many miles, 1/3 of my last year’s health meter (why cannot one find those little green boxes with a red cross on white, like in games, and restore health?), and a plan to do something about the education of the first year students.

i enter summer from this park

it is fun to sit on the roots of an ancient walnut tree, in this cool shade, and type stuff, and watch the life just pass by. it is a pity one cannot blog fragrances. but then, nothing is totally perfect. i like this tree, and he (his wife is not far away, also ancient and all that) likes me. and accommodates my aching bones within excellent twists of his trunk. (this is his wife, in the pic below).

maybe i should do a series of posts about the trees in this city? take their pics, and interview them? might get me out of the reading a little. have to consider this. later.

the summer is in. and i will celebrate it technologically.

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