bet varbūt arī tā

Re, vēja nav, un kociņš neviens nekustas, Un laikam neplūst arī gruntsūdeņi. Un melnās svītras nodzēstas no tāss. Un sausā eglē apklusuši dzeņi. Bez vēja tavi mati klusi guļ. Un nešūpojas aste cielaviņai. Un brūnā māla bļodā māte sviestu kuļ. Bet debesīs. Un nav ko prasīt viņai, Jo debesīs. Un neviens kociņš nekustas. Gar manām […]

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zeitgeist, in a peculiar fashion

when you apologise to sign-posts for bumping into them while walking and reading a book on your mobile device; when you try to unlock your office with your flat keys; when instead of ‘yes’, you say ‘acceptable’; when you set deadline instead of alarm on your clock; when essays are measured in kilograms, not in […]

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it was muggy the whole day. then it rained. and now, the wild plums and crab apples, and all those blossoming things stand in the suddenly not-so-emerald grass, up to their knees in wispy mist. do trees have knees? they must, once we say that they stand. the ent-ish chestnuts have produced their sheathed candles, […]

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sword-shaped cats

i watched the cats in the yard today, slinking in shadows, ready for anything. and i thought, how much a cat form reminds of a bat’leth, the klingon sword. or maybe the other way round.

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inappropriately online

yesterday i read … how many? … too many papers. the month of may has begun, and the crop of raw papers is coming home to be winnowed and whetted into some shape. so i fell asleep on my keyboard in the middle of a paper. i woke up four-o-clock-ish. on the keyboard, or almost. […]

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quote of the day

there is a reason why the ancient bards died out. it was the training, according to one of my students. Bardic training formed the core of druidic teaching. The future bards had to learn raw poems, at least three hundred and fifty stories and study poetic form and grammar. (from an unpublished, and unpublishable BA paper […]

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