they asked me – have you ever met an angel? and i remembered.

i am one of those humans that are incomplete without an animal – a dog or a cat will do. i probably learnt to speak dog before i learnt to speak human, as my parents left the sheepdog to babysit my bro and me when they had to take care of the greater things in the world. only when my senses are joined with those of a dog (seldom, a cat), do i feel finished and fully aware of the surrounding world.

so, there was this wintry night way back when i was young and carefree (as Dylan Thomas would put it), and walking home through the dangerous and unpredictable city of the mid 1990s, unlit and threatening. it was about three o’clock night, an early morning in fact, all dark and windswept. i had some eight kilometres to walk to my home.

then suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a huge white dog, a sort of siberian husky, he poked his nose into my palm, and said sth like – ‘i’ll go check it out, no worries’. ‘thanks,’ i said, and we went on. he was there the whole time, right where i wanted to go, running with me and guessing my way perfectly.

then we came to my block of flats. he poked me again with his reddish nose, and was gone – as suddenly as he had appeared, leaving neither smell, nor even a hair behind. only the sense of security and company remained – it still does, even now, as i am writing this.

so, yes, i have seen an angel. and a dog, too. an experience of light, i’d say.

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