what you find if you recklessly open my rucksack

i have wanted to post this for ages. but the environment described below changes so fast, so often. so, as of now, if one is careless enough and innocently opens my rucksack, they will probably end up thus:

stage 1

a folder of varios papers
assorted students’ works
powercord for the laptop
some usb cables
the blue whiteboard marker
a beret (i thought i’d lost it)
a pencil
the black whiteboard marker
a bible (lv)

stage 2

a folder that houses assorted gadgets and cables
some cables of unknown purpose
an avocado (still edible)
a paper knife
a pencil-case holding what mostly appears to be pens and a screwdriver
a set of needles
a roll of birch-tree bark
a box of empty dvds (r+)
a length of rope
a scrapbook with a pen attached
something that just might be an alien life-form
a box of painkillers
a tube of painkiller gel

stage 3

a toothbrush
screwrdriver +
screwdriver –
various papers
some anti-histamine tablets
assorted paperclips
scattered cartridges for the fountain-pen
needles for the compasses
a bunch of very large keys
universal bottle opener with a corkscrew
a bandage roll
some adhesive bandages
spare blades for the paper-knife
a set of needles and threads in a battered mintbox
a flashlight for reading
sth invisible that jingles incessantly
some stuff which probably is alive

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