beset by nightmares

no, i do not understand.

i will write a more complete analysis maybe later. or not at all, because it does not matter.

the annual crisis of imagination is at its fullest.

on the other hand, if people think they can go on being plain stupid, i will not hinder them.

the continuation of the student creations:

The author used a personification stylistic vise to bring home to life.

There is a dialog betweent he Mole and the home, which occur because of the wind.

The middle and the last part of the text are written using a direct speech.

The author uses synonyms to make the text more careful.

..She sets the kettle on fire, doing it she lost her temper and water splashed on her legs.

The race betweent he kettle and the cricket began with excitement, cricket taking the first fiddle.

In the text..we can see three characters: Mock Turtle and Gryphon, who are having a dialogue between them.

i guess i do get tired of laziness. and the excuses like – i don’t like analysing sth. or  – i cannot find the stylistic stuff in the text’. or similar. no. i think that those excuses only merit the results that have been promised to them at the beginning of the course. i did warn. more than once. reap the harvest. drink the cup. and, no. i do not enjoy this. but i promised. and i will do it. whatever the cost to my soul – if i have any.

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