от забора до обеда* – as the joke goes

as usual, the ingenuity of students is surprising.

some bits and pieces from the text analysis exam essays.

Accordingly, he is represented as simple, direct, but at the same time cleaver person.

The story takes place somewhere on the hill and lasted a short period of time. The narrator is the third person who is not present in the text.

It can be said a lot about view, because the second line of the plot is nature that is around the house while a musical kettle is boiling.

The general mood in the text is turbulent. This is expressed by the adjective breezy.

He is trying to understand why she had married another man, while taking off his gloves.

The aim of the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is to inform and to educate.

She set the kettle on fire that makes the action works.

The story does not have an idea. There is no food for thought.

In the text we see the use of shortening.

And one of them (characters) must realise how sweet homes can be…

The Water-rat ..takes the Mole under his wing.

..they went along the Mole’s home, and his memoirs rushed them.

The narrator is hereto-diegetic.


*from the fence till lunch. a reference to a popular russian army joke.

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