something about christmas

there are plenty of things to dislike about the season, and one thing that makes it indispensable.

the endless hurry and the worries, and consumerism, and the darkness, and the hypocritical postures of the powers that be, the obligatory love and being nice just because it is traditional- all that galls the spirit and the perception, no end.

but then there is this moment of truth. that the light came into the darkness, and the light was christ.

the darkness did not accept it. yet the light was/is illuminating every person, whoever, wherever, however they are.

it is into this darkness that christ comes, it is into this emptiness and faithlessness that he is born to fill it and make his own – it is for this hopeless, faceless world that he comes as a hope – the hope, – as a way to transform the faceless uniformity into the divine image of creativity.

and wherever that light shines, the facelessness, and hypocrisy, and untruth fade away. they really do.

no, it is not love as we see it in tv series. it is Love come to accept and mend what passion has destroyed. Love we see in the passionate self-sacrifices for no gain, Love that can be only this way – sacrificial and sacrificed.

because of christ, with him, one can survive even xmas.

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