hitech adventures

well. today – actually tonight – or early morning this lizard came across a beautiful idea. to take out the sim card of the huawei mobile broadband modem, and to put that very sim card into the phone, and use the phone’s antenna rather than the huawei. and it worked marvellously. connection established through nokia […]

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(Luke 10 1-10) jesus sends his followers out on a harvest mission. there are a number of things to observe here. first, the sender. it is the lord, the owner of the harvest. god sees the souls ready to join his kingdom, and he sees the people who can bring them there. so he adds […]

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of sins against faith and morality

at times, i fail to understand. my brain is too simple, too even, too illogical. consider this: the holy see (maybe didn’t) published the Modifications made in the Normae de gravioribus delictis on 15 july 2010. the said modifications were adopted in may 2010, in response to multiple accusations and court cases involving paedophile priests. […]

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it seems i need to shoot. something,sometime. and now i have the perfect tool for that, a Walther system gun, BB, 6mm. Nice and powerful, and quite accurate. so summer will not be that terrible, after all. Posted by Wordmobi

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some more dead

Bro went a little fishing. the end result passed on to me for cleaning and making fish soup. pity the smell cannot be pictured. delicious, no less. Posted by Wordmobi

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saulainus un panākumiem bagātus kapu svētkus

ir pienācis jūlijs – un pāri latvijai aizviļņo lokāli un pārvalstiski mirušo piemiņas brīži – kapu svētki. kapi ir kļuvuši par ‘īstenā latvieša’ templi, pārdomu vietu un lepnuma objektu. uz kapiem vairākas reizes gadā ‘labi audzinātais’, kulturālais ikdienas latvietis dodas atrādīties pats un citus apskatīt: kam kāda mašīna, uzvalks, bērni, piemineklis, soliņš, dzīvžogs, mirte vai […]

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