yesterday, i had this encounter (wrote it down because it was so..miserable) in the corridor, on my way to staffroom. i still have no idea about the name of the student, thus dramatis personae are these: teacher – yours truly; student: that anonymous ungrammatical life-form.

In the corridor. (an encounter with disastrous results)
Student (with heavy russian accent): i want pass exam with you.
Teacher: excuse me, what – or who – are you?
Student: i want pass exam history of english. i was took it  two time, and i did not took it.
Teacher: maybe you should repeat a course in grammar first… which year are you?
Student: Vot?
Teacher: which year are you?
Student: four, night department.
Teacher: ok, are you registered for the exam? i mean, have you signed up on the moodle?
Student: yes, i have took it, but i fail.
Teacher: mmm.. talk to your department secretary or something, you know who, about the order, and then write to me, drop me an email, when  you’re ready. i will open the exam, and you can try to take it again, which i doubt.
Student: when can i pass exam?
the curtain of mercy falls upon the scene of misery.
i am desperate.  how can a person take – and pass the exam in old english and middle english and all that stuff, if they have this very limited idea of the modern english for simple communication?

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