Tu esi mana pirmā mīlestība. Tu esi tumsa, pilna drosmīgu jāņtārpiņu. Tu esi mans skābeklis un plaušas, kas viņu elpo. _ Tu esi mans kartupeļa zieds vasaras vidū. Tu esi zemes smarža rudens laukā. Tu esi mana sarma, žilbinoša spelgonī. _ Tu esi mana cilpainā taka caur brikšņiem. Tu esi upe bez aizsprostiem. Tu esi […]

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yesterday, i had this encounter (wrote it down because it was so..miserable) in the corridor, on my way to staffroom. i still have no idea about the name of the student, thus dramatis personae are these: teacher – yours truly; student: that anonymous ungrammatical life-form. In the corridor. (an encounter with disastrous results) Student (with […]

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From “Critical thinking: a concise guide” by Tracy Bowell and Gary Kemp. To say that all rodents have tails is the same as saying: ‘Every rodent has a tail’, or ‘Any rodent has a tail’, or ‘No rodent has no tail’. To say that most rodents have tails is to say that more than half of all […]

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Agatha Christie’s Poirot S2 E7 a lady says to Hastings: Don’t you know what it’s like to love a man? Hastings answers: as a matter of fact.. no, ma’am, i do not.

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to be spoken to by the spirit of god. to listen with the ears of the spirit. god extends his arms to embrace all living things. within those arms there is life in full measure- more than a soul expects and can take. whatever is unexpected and longed for- the spirit of god is. a […]

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briefly in memoriam

when your teachers die, when the greater ones move on, forðfaraþ, what is left in the world? the breach in the net of the world is patched up by us, the lesser ones, the followers, the disciples. we are not carried by the net. now we are the net, and must carry others. this is […]

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a little picture

the sunset crosses horizons. this heron stands breathless among reeds. light rays go horizontal. little fish sneak playful among rushes. one breath of wind stirs them perfectly.

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linearity and transparence

was watching the russian film ‘туман’ (mist) some days ago. the plot is simple – a unit of recruits of the modern russian army takes a shortcut through a misty swamp to appear in 1942 and face the assault of germans on russia. most of the troops are killed in fighting, and the remnant returns […]

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it happens

i was on my way to the university the other day. it was one of those days, you know – there was some sun, and some promise of thunder on the horizon, some screeches of the blackbirds, gulls, jackdaws (i liked the description in the oxford dictionary: noun a small grey-headed crow, noted for its […]

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the staff meetings are boooring. what i discovered was that i see spring in monochrome. and that my phone camera works weird, see for yourselves.

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lost fingertips

so. here is this dream. it repeats – not regularly, but often enough to have accumulated variants that i remember. it is not a first person dream, and it usually contains no pictures, only textual descriptions and feelings. therefore i will use /me instead of me, and /them instead of them. /me is walking through […]

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free love

there is no free love. if love exists at all, it binds those involved. love makes one accept the other as if the other were one’s own self. thus, love is the denial of negation. Posted by Wordmobi

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