it is sometimes a tedious job to look for texts and tasks and possible questions for a bunch of students – in order to help them to see text for what it is – a text that makes the world more probable.

but then again, there are those bright moments, like now. and epiphanies and elightenments, and scavenger hunt that brings some fun to an otherwise dull life. like today, when ploughing through a heap of Chesterton essays, i stumbled upon this

I believe firmly in the value of all vulgar notions, especially of vulgar jokes. When once you have got hold of a vulgar joke, you may be certain that you have got hold of a subtle and spiritual idea. The men who made the joke saw something deep which they could not express except by something silly and emphatic. They saw something delicate which they could only express by something indelicate.

in his COCKNEYS AND THEIR JOKES, an essay dedicated to discuss the strange nature of jokes, and the image of God recognizable behind the countenance of an alien.

i have been struggling with this unseizable feeling about jokes and situations, which i could not put into words, however i try. the simple formulation for this would be – nobody would/will/could laugh at something that is not important and serious enough. it sounds paradoxical and somewhat lame, i know. and in all my musings, i knew, there was something lacking in this hypothesis.

now, it seems, i have found a solution to the problem of  jokes about the sacred and serious issues. or have found an answer for this me, typing tonight.

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