maybe i should introduce a tag here, entitled ‘ephemeral’. for brothers. for things that just do not seem to last. no, i am not angry or anything, no. just…that feeling of inability to protect and save, to put things right, which is my duty. my remaining bro is in a hospital in the middle of […]

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it is sometimes a tedious job to look for texts and tasks and possible questions for a bunch of students – in order to help them to see text for what it is – a text that makes the world more probable. but then again, there are those bright moments, like now. and epiphanies and […]

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spring slowly conquers the city. drakes guard nesting places. swans fly in pairs. the sky is blue, the river mirrors it perfectly. the winter has been exhausting. beautiful things often are. this just shows once more that there is nothing, nothing at all can give life and sustain the soul outside christ. in him all […]

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just think of it – the coming of jesus will sprout the graveyards with those risen. and there will be more of them than the living at the time. awesome, that.

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post-easter hangover

for whatever reason, started reading george macdonald (1824-1905) in ccel.org. maybe lewis is to blame, been listening to his books lately. among other things, that is. a lot of things. this talk about the consuming fire struck me as very.. well.. logical in a totally crazy way (lol). this (see below) is how it feels […]

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