where Jesus is

this denomination thinks jesus is with that denomination, that denomination thinks jesus is with that denomination, and everyone thinks they know where jesus is, and tries to look for him there.. but the trick is that Jesus is where His father sends him, does the works he ir sent to do.. to teach those that […]

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bbc today talked of this guy in detroit. with explosives in his … underpants. how much further the madness? Posted by Wordmobi

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telephone is silent. the line is free. nobody dials. nobody picks it up. . telephone is silent: the line is broken: both are there, the dialler, the picker-up- unconnected. . telephone is silent: someone dialled but got the address wrong. someone waited unreached. . telephone ir silent: the one could listen gave up hope and […]

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i saw

i saw the sky burn i saw the snow drift i saw the ice grow what i did not see was winter i looked and looked i double-checked my references i consulted encyclopaedias i was lost i saw the snow burn i saw the sky drift i saw

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suddenly got this urge to google the word kryptonite, just to see what i get. and i got, in wikipedia, a whole list of different types of the stuff that never existed. so many ways to kill supermen, poison them, blow them up and so on. i like it. there are so many ways we […]

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the more one strives to learn of their enemy, the more one understands them. and at the moment of full understanding the enemy, one understands that they love them. and at the moment of fully understanding the love for one’s enemy – one kills them. so simple.

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ultimately, when it really comes to it – the evil, even gilded, is empty inside. evil exhausts itself by creating more of the same. however fast one runs to keep up with the evil of another, they both will be stuck and  immobilised by their choices. yet the good cannot have the victory unless it […]

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the grey outside is overwhelming. and yet – the imported culture around us seems to proceed at its own pace, through its own seasons, to its own impenetrable end. there is no advent in the consumer vocabulary, no waiting, no end, no celebration of the completion – neither fast nor feast. the consumer society, ever […]

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the past makes us tense, the present – confuses us; the future frightens us. and our lives slip away in that terrible moment in-between. only jesus remains.

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ko mācīties no sātana

sātana bībele Antona LaVeja izpildījumā (The Satanic Bible. Anton Szandor LaVey Underground edition 2, 1969-2005 ).. nu nav ne vainas izdomājumam. savam laikam atbilstošs, liekulības nīdēja un ego slavētāja mākslas darbs. vēl viens piemērs tam, kam tik cilvēki nemēģina ticēt. prātā palika šis: “Behold the crucifix; what does it symbolize? Pallid incompetence hanging on a tree.” (p.35/168 )* […]

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