because god is so holy and omnipotent, nothing can stand in his way.

it is no use to try to achieve something on one’s own, to climb up to god’s dwelling: the higher one will go, the higher they will see the throne of god, out of reach, ever inaccessible. the higher the climb, the longer the fall, the harder the landing, as the rules of gravity are constant and quite applicable to a fall from hubris.

but here is a thing- just because god lives high there, he sees all things, and because he sees all things, he chooses where to go, and whom to visit. one cannot do anything, achieve anything, become anything outside god and without him seeing it.

he has expressed his determination to abide with those contrite and of broken spirit, with those not pretending to be someone else or something else, not pretending to be gods, full of themselves.

then, god rests with those he can fill, those true and transparent, so that his life (fill) can be seen (transparency) for what it is (truth).

and thus, one has the choice: either to want the world to see him/her self, exposed, limited and vulnerable – or to show god to the world, in all his omnipotence, excellence and beauty.

if the latter ir the case, the glory and healing of god appears the greater, the more sinful is the person allowing god to use him, the more the self is aware of god’s presence and forgiveness, one’s own deprivation and need for filling.

Posted by Wordmobi

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