as i threw out chunks of my past, the world became lighter. this is what i will do this advent- throw out those things that have accumulated over the past years and have lost their meaning. all those trinkets, knick-knacks, dust-gatherers, scraps of paper, boxes of so valuable and so useless stuff. it is time […]

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no longer

by questioning the existence of god, humanity questions the existence of humanity. humanity outside the existence of god, is no longer human. the existence of god, thus, questions humanity. Posted by Wordmobi

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why do they think they own the truth?

If you cannot divorce yourself from hypocritical self‐deceit, you will never be successful as a magician, much less a Satanist. (Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible, p.47) i sometimes think – if you do not divorce yourself from self-deceit and hypocrisy, you will not make even a successful nobody, leave alone becoming your own self. seeing […]

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oh yes

this also explaind the birds… and the feelings of a certain lizard in their vicinity.

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this is what the birds did to my thermometer. vandalism or curiosity, i wonder? Posted by Wordmobi

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because god is so holy and omnipotent, nothing can stand in his way. it is no use to try to achieve something on one’s own, to climb up to god’s dwelling: the higher one will go, the higher they will see the throne of god, out of reach, ever inaccessible. the higher the climb, the […]

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the existence of penguins in the arctic is certainly a proof of the fact that the earth and all things and beings on it must have been created by someone. because any sane species of bird or animal would not have chosen to live on ice, given the possibilities the earth offers. Posted by Wordmobi

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too (much)

we blame people too much. the parents’ faults are blamed on children, the faults of children- on their parents. and one’s own faults on those closest as only they will stay with us, no matter what. wouldn’t it be nice, to look at the world with the eyes of god, full of compassion and promise […]

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notepad plus plus

the chameleon among text editors, the worthiest of the worthy, notepad++, is a source of constant surprise, wonder and excitement. it does things one only desires, it highlights the scratchy spots, it colour-codes code for dummies to see, it is beautiful. this is an ode to the creators of notepad++, a bow of gratitude, an […]

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is it not awesome- requiem aeternam dona eis, domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. the peace is from one aeon to another, onto another. the light, however, is not bound by aeons, it ir simply designed never to stop. let this light then never stop for those that walk with christ, here and when they […]

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there are no ordinary moments. there is no starting, no stopping. only being. it is the journey that brings us satisfaction, not the goal.


made many

only the broken bread feeds thousands. only the broken spirit is healed, and then brings grace to others. and there is so much more left over than what you started with, or had, or hoped for. Posted by Wordmobi

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gospel-centered life

just finished the fist reading of  The Gospel-centered Life by Bob Thune&Will Walker, World Harvest Ministries, and for once i have to say that this is an extremely well-conceived, challenging and perfectly planned study guide to a number of  key-concepts, practices and theology in your everyday christian life.

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birds and snow

they have come. all of them, the tits and sparrows and the greenfinches. they look into my room and tell me one story – it will be cold soon. it will snow. here. soon. they invade my privacy, enter my room, knock on my window, startle me out of sleep – their message urgent and […]

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i know that my deliverer liveth, and on the last day i shall behold him, my saviour and my love. this or similar is what job said so long ago. when i listen to christ promise a place, an abode, a home to those are with him, i know that just as he lives, so […]

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the leaves fall from trees with a faint noise. the change of season is imminent. the crisp sun-pierced air transcends this world. when the seasons change and the sun illuminates the frost-bitten world, it is time to think of this god-entity has created it all, put all things in order, promised to renew life again […]

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