he..converted aeronautically challenged birds into puffs of dropping feathers.. Bill Bryson. A Short History of Nearly Everything Posted by Wordmobi

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of lakes and geese

was reading a post by one entropy(n) about scales and relativity of size and importance. and then i thought – no, not of old albert and relativity, which was certainly not absent from my thought – i actually contemplated variance and difference of purpose, and whether and how it is connected to memory and perception. […]

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when classical music comes into my dreams, i dream classical. of the multi-level clouds over my path. of the distances covered, paths taken and again not taken. melodies invade my dreams, transfixing them, permeating, transforming them into awareness. i am in his presence – ever, always. i become aware of choices. yet i have no […]

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Aglona 09, day 0

There was the noise. Of the city to be left behind, of the road taken, of the denizens at the point of destination. There was the road. Very scenic in the afternoon light, all in ripe shades of gold, green, cocoa and blue. The fields to be reaped. The storks to be admired ar they […]

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the first to go

what was first to go? the fire or the creativity, or the poetry? i looked at the things i did way back, 20 years ago, and they were so bright and shiny and sparkling, like they had been born for the first time. maybe they were. maybe that world was so young and so willing […]

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eph.3:19 it ir impossible to completely understand god, whatever the reason for that. yet, it ir possible to be filled with the love of Christ, and Christ’s love. and then, suddenly, all that god is, is understood, and there ir nothing hidden. god groks me, and me groks god. some shortcut Jesus made. Posted by […]

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чтоб не скучно

(оригинал в книге “мефодий бусляев: стеклянний страж” дмитрия емца , c.307-308) МУХА Муха не может ходить по потолку, потому что: 1. В естественных местах ее обитания (лесах, болотистых равнинах и т. д.) потолков не существовало и она никак не могла к этому приспособиться. 2. Сила тяжести, хотя и в небольшой степени, должна “давить” муху вниз. […]

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