snow enters my dreams

The dead walk in my dreams. This means there will be snow. Actually, there is snow, the ground is white, hence the dead in my dreams.

And, yes. In dreams, one can talk to the long dead relatives, and happily coexist (thats the difference from real life).

We walked somewhere with the kid. Talked, even. Then we went into a little shop to get some food, and there was none. Then a bus came, and I got on it but he was late because he could not pack or something. On the bus, I suddenly understood that I was not going to the stop we were heading for on foot. And then I found his card in my pocket. It contained an email address and some other illegible text. The email was in mirror writing.

So, the dead are also late for the means of transport in question. They go to a different stop. And if you want to drop them a line, their email is written backwards, so theres no way you can do that.

The snow, it seems is at least an inch deep this morning. Brilliant, Id say.

Ah, yes. contrary to the popular belief in these parts, the dead dont eat.

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