in the chicken run, the farmer at some point admitted that it was all in his head (see the film for more details).
and then i thought – yes, maybe it is really so – it all is in me head. i am imagined, perceived, invented etc. the virtuality is more real sometimes that reality, as the level of construction is higher thereby providing more of food for thought and perception. more of immersion. you see, relity cannot be perceived otherwise than by mind constructions, therefore the pure mind constructions do take precedence over those that are based (?) on a form of seemingly outside things.
why all this. because.
if all my perceptions were put together, they would undoubtedly result in a contradiction of terms. and this i say because:
i looked at the church nave the last sunday, at the people, sitting there. if paul and mother teresa are right, and we can see the face of Christ in the faces of the people, then Christ has a face of a woman.
or i perceive it so.

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