A strange answer

Но из моря информации,

В котором мы тонем,

Единственный выход – это саморазрушенье;

The only way out of this sea of information
we keep drowning in
is self-destruction

I was listening to Aquarium at some point, and then this fragment hit me.
It most certainly answers some of the weird questions about the post-post-moderns.
self-destruction as a reaction to too much information.
this somewhat explains the boon of homosexuality, and suicide, and weight (gaining and losing)
Organisms want to destroy thmselves as they cannot manage the information flow, and not managing that means death. As there are no outside preadors on the human race, it preys on itself. Silently, invisibly.
Or: war in Iraque is to some extent, a result of excess information flow that has been handled inexpertly. The US civilisation is trying to comint suicide by attacking the islamic world. It is succeeding.
Unfortunately, in this suicide, it might take the rest of the western world with it.

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