whatever was left out

Congratulations. That means, congratulate me. I have spent a whole day here, and I am still alive. We had the official welcome from the International office of the University, and from the Vice-president of the University and all that.

The majority of the Internationals are French. Or at least it seems so. Or sounds.
Filling in the Registration for the Aliens reg. office. I like the word: Alien. This is what I have always wanted to be. A little green person with antennae sticking out from unexpected places at weird angles. Now I can look at the mirror and say: here comes the alien.

It is still too hot in my room. and the nights are spent in this indescribable state of wakeful sleep. This, I trust, is also an unbearable state.

In the Book of Ruth, Ruth refused to return to her own home and gods. Is not this book one of the shortest and most moving books ever? And it is lot about choices and loves in a person’s life. About choosing to love and follow. Maybe this is the most important thing for me now: the choices to be made, the responsibility for the choices made already, and the consequences those choices bring with them.

This place is a consequence of a choice I made what? three years ago?.. When I had to choose between an academic career and … lets say, something else. I chose the former. With all that proceeds from it.

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