Poems like leaves

What happens to the poems whne they are reduced to lines of symbols and formulas? Do they go to some ossuary? Is the beauty of the poetic destroyed by analysing it? If so, I have been a murderer today.

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formulae and parting

A crazy bird is having a go at a spring-time song in the darkness. I am trying to come to terms with backache and oral formulae alternately. Neither seems to be exceedingly inclined to co-operation. If “an oral formula is a group of words that is regularly employed under the same metrical conditions to express […]

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On days like this, after nights like that, I return to that most weird of occupations (excpt of course THE most weird occupation, which is structural analyses) which is seeing all sorts of quizzes, and pasting some of the results for the others to see. Elvish or Orcish What Language Are You? And then I […]

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The day of maybe has come

This is for you, little kid. I, the eardstapa, will sing your song of death. Because I could not mourn you then and there, I will mourn you here and now. Drink another beer, whichever place that is you are currently gone to, drink and have fun. Grass Still green. Leaves Still brilliant. Sun So […]

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Doormouse, see this?

You’re a Unicorn. You feel a great balance about things, that most people really have to work to get. You’re the honest, healing peace maker. Without you, you’re group of friends would be a disaster. No, without you, we’d ALL be a disaster. You’re so kind that children love you… not only children, but all […]

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The ancient latvians in C19 must have been quite… expressive about plagiarism and textual criticism. I bumped on to this: Kunnas kahja, lischku mehle, … … Bitch leg, flatter-tongue, Otram dziesmu pannehmaja! … … You, who takes the other’s song! Kad tu biji dziedataja, … … When it was your turn to sing – Kam […]

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Saul and all that

In the 1st Book of Samuel (12), Saul is made king over Israel. With that sole condition, that both the people and the king ruling over them must obey the commands of the Lord, their God. Though the choice of king instead the Lord is sinful per se, the Lord chooses to stay with his […]

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Full moon and other noises

The full moon has set up a trap for me. And I have fallen into it. I think Mainz will pass into the Dino history as the Place Where I Slept Not. I observe a pair of nuthatches (an uncommonly large variety, with white faces and reddish tails, song slightly different from that of the […]

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catholic adventures in mainz

Tonight I rediscovered a simple truth: I am so happy I actually cannot communicate in German. I am so happy that there is no chance for me to talk. And all this is because there is no necessity actually. I was traversing the streets at the Hauptbahnhoff and suddenly enjoying the silence. Then I thought […]

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Time to smell

October. Gold. Red. Azure. Green. And a thousand other smells. The leaves turn all shades of colour, move in the breeze and randomly depart, hitting the ground with a rustle and a sigh. I breathe this time, and those leaves. Their smell reminds me of something that elevates? Changes the inmost being? It is bitter-sweet […]

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rivers swell with blood

Reading a little bit of the history of translation of Bergmann collection, here I got to this: The story may begin with song, But it will end in tears and sorrow. Nay, sister! weep not – for ere long We meet on some delightful morrow. Or I will send my steed to thee, “When I […]

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Samuel, in 1st Samuel, chooses Saul to be king over Israel. And it is interesting to hear that Samuel, the chosen priest, still cannot keep his family in order. Just like his predecessor, he fails to communicate goodwill and obedience to God’s laws to his children. God gives strange comfort to Samuel: it is not […]

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Papers and foam

I have been Immatriculated. The two days of waiting and filling of forms and airless rooms and queues and boredom have been crowned in glory. What do people write in their diaries, when nothing is there to write about? Yesterday, as I was returning from this wonderful place in the Department, I observed a cotton-tail […]

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Samuel and lemons

(Why this title? – because I had no other in my mind, and titles is not my specialty) I guess I have reached a record in unslept night of my lifetime. The tale total slept in hours in the last week was 6.4 or thereabout. I have most certainly entered an ASC, and experience most […]

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Bank. Hoooray.

This day, I managed to open the bank account, and to do so by myself. This means that I have finished the preparations for the registration. Now I have to manage still some preparations as to the methodology of the research, and I am all set. The weather is wonderful, and I am slowly getting […]

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Of cabbages and Kings

A summary of yesterday: was reading. And exploring the bus routes and graveyards of Mainz. Lovely. A summary of today: was writing. I should definitely say some words about Expotition entitled ‘Extremely Lutheran 2” The morning was misty (I believe this rather classifies as a ‘cloud’, at least in Wales it would, all dripping air […]

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Potter or Hesse?

The sky is blue. Like it was yesterday. Another unslept night. I have a feeling that my nose does not like the local whatsitname… weather? air? it keeps running, trying to escape. And with the heat added, I cannot sleep. I wonder will I reach the state of altered consciousness soon. I have read through […]

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Freedom. In addition.

‘The prospect of freedom?’ he said. ‘Exactly,’ said Lord Vetinari. ‘There is always a choice.’ ‘You mean… I could choose a certain death?’ ‘A choice, nevertheless,’ saud Vetinari. ‘Or, perhaps, an alternative. You see, I believe in freedom. Not many people do, although they will of course protest otherwise. And no practical definition of freedom […]

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sunshine. 21 Celsius.

At twenty-one Celsius. Lizards go out on the rocks to sun. Students gaze at the blue sky. Teachers want to be students that gaze at the sky. But they cannot. so they are naturally upset. I cough and sneeze and want to be elsewhere. But I am here, and I am looking for all sorts […]

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Mainz. Oder?

Something like that. I am alive, and proicessing too much info at too little time. Will post when I am able to. German makes my head ache. The soul has not come yet, and I cannot sleep at nights. Three (or four?) unslept nights… soon I will have entered that strange state of consciousness where […]

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whatever was left out

Congratulations. That means, congratulate me. I have spent a whole day here, and I am still alive. We had the official welcome from the International office of the University, and from the Vice-president of the University and all that. The majority of the Internationals are French. Or at least it seems so. Or sounds. Filling […]

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Can dogs read?

A placement test in German. I placed myself as a dog. I certainly can understand direct orders and some of the feelings in the speakers. I definitely cannot write or speak. Can dogs read? And then, a day-long introductions. Shall I meditate on my deliberate usage of the indefinite article in order to underline the […]

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Samson and chestnuts

Yes. I did it. I taught the computer to communicate with the mobile. Now this means that I have a use of that camera built in the mobile. I have also managed to get through ‘The Theory of Oral Composition’. Marking the bits I have to return to later. Finally, there is some material on […]

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